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Cars, history and me

Germany is the home of cars for many people. Not only have we invented the car but we also have many car enthusiasts and up to now one of the only highways without speed limit – well, at least most of the time.  As you might know, we are from Germany and you can see in my pictures that I’m a fan of cars as well, especially Mercedes-Benz vehicles excite me. But, of course, there are amazing and historically significant cars from other manufacturers as well :).

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New design – again – and a new technology

Well it’s been quite some time since our last uploads. Today, this will change…

As you will have noticed, we present to you: our totally new Aelizebeth. A new design and one more thing: we switched to WordPress technology.

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The bright future…

Now that I finally had the time to complete the new title banner (inspired by Bethesda Softworks’ Skyrim, as you might notice) for the website, I would like to give you, our dear visitors, a short statement about the circumstances that are responsible for the lack of frequent content.

As explained on the front page, we are still students, bound to the unforgiving schedules of our school and in addition to that comes the little detail that it is our last year which means that more and more stuff needs to be done for our fellow students and us in terms of shirts, year books and so on. Our final exams also await us in the near future, which means that soon we will have even less time on our hands.

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Complete redesign of

I’d like to start the first entry in our new blog by thanking all of our visitors for their feedback and interest. We were impressed by the rising number of people visiting our site (up to 8,000 visitors a day!) and hope that we are able to present you an entertaining selection of pictures.

Since our previous design and layout was not really nice and quite difficult to use on mobile devices, especially smartphones, we decided to give a complete redesign to make it nicer and more user-friendly.

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