Now that I finally had the time to complete the new title banner (inspired by Bethesda Softworks’ Skyrim, as you might notice) for the website, I would like to give you, our dear visitors, a short statement about the circumstances that are responsible for the lack of frequent content.

As explained on the front page, we are still students, bound to the unforgiving schedules of our school and in addition to that comes the little detail that it is our last year which means that more and more stuff needs to be done for our fellow students and us in terms of shirts, year books and so on. Our final exams also await us in the near future, which means that soon we will have even less time on our hands.

But fear not, dear visitors, the future is bright!

As soon as our torment ends and our last days in school are over we will be able to present you new content more frequently.

But that should not keep you away from the comment section!

The further improvement of this website is still important to us, so feel free to comment and tell us your opninion. We are happy about any kind of feedback and we will gladly look into it. We will do our best to give you a website that meets your expectations!

That’s why we beg you, please be patient with us until the 2nd of July (day may still vary due to unspecified reasons) when we will finally be free (at least for the time being) and enjoy your stay on our website!