I’d like to start the first entry in our new blog by thanking all of our visitors for their feedback and interest. We were impressed by the rising number of people visiting our site (up to 8,000 visitors a day!) and hope that we are able to present you an entertaining selection of pictures.

Since our previous design and layout was not really nice and quite difficult to use on mobile devices, especially smartphones, we decided to give aelizebeth.de a complete redesign to make it nicer and more user-friendly.

But we not only redesigned our website, but rebuilt the complete HTML-code and added a new feature as well: if you’d like to, you can now sort the pictures and paintings by date, by artist or by category.

The biggest and most obvious change was probably this blog you’re reading right now. We thought it might be interesting to add some stories to the pictures to give this site more life and make it more personal. You will be able to read stories from us and get ideas on how to improve your own photos (if you’re a photographer).

So feel free to comment on this site and give us feedback about how we can improve it futher and stay tuned for different kinds of new content in the future.