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Note of thanks – AiL short

I’m on 10.000m while I’m typing this.

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Beerlao bottle crates and their uses – AiL short

Today in AiL short: a blog post about an useful but rather underrated thing – at least when you come from western countries to Laos.

“2016” found on Google Street View from January 2016

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Lucky order – AiL short

Well, we have another small anecdote for you. Today, it’s about us stuck with our little local language skills…

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English and Lao students – AiL short

This time, we have a short anecdote about an encounter with Lao students and us.

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“Two guys cooking”-show – AiL short

Today, we have just a short anecdote for you. Since this may happen more often, we start this new subcategory called “Aelizebeth in Laos – short”.

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