Note of thanks – AiL short

I’m on 10.000m while I’m typing this.

Just to give you a short overview:
The Aelizebeth in Laos chapter is closed now for both of us – but on this website it is not “dead”…yet.
There will be another article about my very last activities as soon as possible.
Furthermore, I will take my films to the lab as soon as I can and hopefully in the end of March there will be a few more parts of Ae|nalog in Laos.
I guess this announcement is a good opportunity for me to thank all of you fellow readers. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for our regular blog. But for the following days: just have a look for Aelizebeth in Laos!

Yours, Matthias


  1. Bar-Gau

    In addition I assure all followers of aelizebeth that Matthias is back at an altitude of 420 metres with both feets on the ground.

  2. memom

    …and I think , he has to goto another interesting place – sooner as he thinks by him self 😄😄😄 we will see 😚

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