On this website we, Fabi, Matze, Rifat and Maxi, four weirdos from Germany, present our photos and drawings and blog about our trips, experiences and other things we want to get out there.

While we’re not professionals, we still enjoy taking photos, drawing stuff and trying to be creative in general.

Enjoy looking through this website and feel free to give us feedback.

Recent posts

Back on tour – Nong Khiaw

Today, we left Luang Prabang for another trip, this time to northern Laos and Vietnam. We will visit a lot of towns and villages, do boat tours, ride another night train and end in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital.

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Two days culture trekking

We have been on a homestay with Fair Trek a few weeks ago. Guess what: We did it again. This time we combined the second Eco Bungalow at Nong Khuay village with a two day trekking tour. Basically we did just the same as a few weeks ago: We booked us a bungalow tour in consultation with Fair Trek. But since this bungalow doesn’t run with AirBnb, things went a bit different this time. So lucky you! – Here we go with an all new story, and I can’t just copy the old post…

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Two nights in Ban Long Lao Mai

You may remember the words of our opening post or the post about our work at the Nong Khuay Eco Bungalow. Here we go again – it’s another Fair Trek time!

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