Well it’s been quite some time since our last uploads. Today, this will change…

As you will have noticed, we present to you: our totally new Aelizebeth. A new design and one more thing: we switched to WordPress technology.

This wasn’t an easy step for me as the one responsible for the design, layout and technology behind Aelizebeth. Before, I’ve created every piece of code by myself. Yes, everything: stylesheets, HTML and PHP documents – only lightbox and Disqus made my work a bit easier. It had been a lot of work creating  and designing the pages, but even more importantly, it was a pain to upload new pictures and blog posts, because everything needed to be written in HTML and PHP. Uploading only a few pictures could have led to half an hour of work. On the other hand, we had full control about our page and its design.

Now you also know why we were so lazy with posting new content in the past. Very likely, this will change now: our new page based on WordPress will make it far more easy to edit it and post new content.

We are trying our best to transfer the content from the old page to the new one as fast as possible. One thing, by the way, we will not be able to move: your comments from the Disqus comments section will most likely not make it to the new page because we would like to use only one comment technology. Also, you will not be able to sort the pictures by artists or category anymore. We are really sorry for the inconveniences caused by this decisions.

Last but not least and because of this new restrictions we’d like to focus more on this blog, as it can be sorted by category and maybe even tags in the future. Our photos and paintings from the old page will, of course, still be available by posting them into new blog posts or if you choose “Art” from the menu above.

We hope that these changes improve your experience with Aelizebeth and help us to create new content. Of course, we’ll be very thankful for every feedback we get.