You might have wondered what ‘Aelizebeth’ has to do with Laos –well, today this will change.

First things first. Matthias and me, Maxi, we decided to spent half a year (about 5½h months) in Laos. Initially, we wanted to work at a social project called ‘fairtrek’ (click to open the Webpage). This project aims at two goals: allowing local inhabitants to profit from tourism incomes in Laos and allowing tourists to not only stay in their hotels in the bigger towns but to get to know local people, culture and Lifestyle. For more information about the project and its participants, feel free to visit the webpage of fairtrek.

Since fairtrek gets a lot of volunteers, we will probably not be able to help them. Instead, we will try to explore a bit of Laos and maybe even the countries surrounding it and find small local jobs or activities.

But why?

Well, as you know we live in one of the richest countries of the world: Germany. We are very lucky to be raised up in an environment with security, wealth and endless possibilities. Of course, there are many people not only but including South East Asia who live under more difficult circumstances, in different cultures and environments. Especially Laos is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Even if we are not able to help a lot of people, we hope that we still make a lot of experiences and may be able to get a wider view on the world and our own lifestyle.

Since I’m already a bit familiar with South East Asia, I thought after finishing high School it might be a perfect time to try this together with Matthias.

About “Aelizebeth in Laos”

With “Aelizebeth in Laos”, we’d like to inform you about our trip and our adventures and experiences. We will make Videos about what is noticeable for us here in Laos. Since we’re still quite unsure what we will exactly do and where we will go we can’t tell you all of what’s coming. But we’d be glad to get feedback and suggestions from you and hope to be able to answer your questions. Stay tuned!