In spring I got a lab for b/w film development, than I got me meters of film and since december I have a film scanner. I even tried C-41 process for color negatives once, but it’s more tricky, time and money consuming and in particular more annoying. So have fun with a lot of greyscale!

fourth part:

Late summer – festival time

Well, there is nothing more to say if you are used to the last parts. This time I took my loyal Minolta, still loaded with the Lady Grey, to the W:O:A. Later I got me a Rollei B35 and completed it with a Kodak TMAX 400. But both – film and camera – is maybe subject of another post.

Thank you for joining me on the last four posts. I hope, I can present you my footage more recent in future, like I succeeded in my first three Ae|nalog in Laos posts (click!, click!, click!).

Stay tuned, there will be more!