In spring I got a lab for b/w film development, than I got me meters of film and since december I have a film scanner. I even tried C-41 process for color negatives once, but it’s more tricky, time and money consuming and in particular more annoying. So have fun with a lot of greyscale!

Second part:

Summer footage

I still had a few meters of Ilford PanF 50, furthermore I used a Rollei Ortho 25 and a Lady Grey from Lomography.

The Ortho 25 is even slower than the PanF 50, but performes still pretty decent if there’s enough light. Its best it is for daylight portraits and even if I can’t offer you the examples, I can confirm. You better believe me!

The Lomography Lady Grey on the other hand is a rather fast film. With Asa 400 it’s the perfect allrounder between extremely bright daylight and indoor or dusk light. Of course it is more grainy, the white turns out more as grey and the dynamic range is lower. But at the end of the day, thats what film looks like.

I even used two cameras this time: My favourite Minolta SRT303b and the Kodak Retina 1BS, so I added a note in the description of the pictures.

Scenes of the crime: Stuttgart, Tübingen, Fürth, Bad Salzufflen, Elsass and Ostalb district.