In spring I got a lab for b/w film development, than I got me meters of film and since december I have a film scanner. I even tried C-41 process for color negatives once, but it’s more tricky, time and money consuming and in particular more annoying. So have fun with a lot of greyscale!

First part:

Winter and spring

I made my first session in 2016 with three rolls of Ilfords PanF 50. The idea was to get experience with low sensitive – so in relation to the shutter speed a slow – film. And I can tell: It worked out. The images are sharp and clear, have a high dynamic range and nice dark black tones within… even since I developed them on my own.


I made a session in the snow of early 2016 and some are from Berlin. The rest is footage I took to finish the film so I could finally develop.