“Two guys cooking”-show – AiL short

Today, we have just a short anecdote for you. Since this may happen more often, we start this new subcategory called “Aelizebeth in Laos – short”.

Today we present you: rice stew

It was lunch time and we just took our stuff and prepared cooking in our guesthouse’s kitchen. Four guys were sitting on the table next to the stove, smoking and talking in a language we couldn’t understand, it could have been Chinese. As we started washing and cutting mushrooms, beans, garlic, cauliflower and onions, they got interested in what we are doing. We got a “thumb up” and smiled back, nothing special. Then one guy took his smartphone and took photos of us and our prepared vegetables. The others stood up and when we started heating up the pan to fry and cook the vegetables with rice, they were all standing around us, starring fascinated on what will become our modest meal. Photos were made and we felt like in a cooking show on TV.

We tried to communicate, but even Google translater didn’t made it easy to explain where we are from. Soon after they left by car, what remained was our amazement on what has happened.

I mean, we haven’t made any special and difficult meal, we aren’t any important persons and we are not in the desert as well. Why was our activity so special? Maybe they were not used to see young men cook or even men at all. Maybe, they were interested in why we don’t just go and eat somewhere, like tourists often do. Or maybe nothing of this is true.

Nevertheless, we experienced that this simple and for us daily activity can fascinate people of other countrys and cultures. If you find pictures in social media about two youths cooking rice stew in Laos, you know why now!


  1. Cathi

    Finally I made it to your page. Very interesting to read and especially for someone who has never been there an unusual way to get an idea of the country and its people. That recipe sure sounds like something I’d cook for myself. Maybe the guys will come back and share some dishes of their own with you. A true cultural exchange 🙂 Looking forward to read more about your adventures!

    • Maxi

      Thank you, I think they left already. Maybe they start to cook on their own now…

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