English and Lao students – AiL short

This time, we have a short anecdote about an encounter with Lao students and us.

Survey time

So we were at the night market two days ago, trying to make a time lapse on how they build up the tents and closing the road for vehicles so that tourists can enjoy buying souvenirs. While the camera was taking around 760 photos, a lao girl came to me and asked me if she can ask me some questions. She had a sheet of paper with a survey in her hand. Of course I agreed and she asked me about my stay in Laos, my favorite food and movie and how I’m feeling today. She was really nice and friendly. Then, after she said thank you and left, I felt a bit unhappy that I wasn’t able to answer her in Lao. Well, probably I would’ve been since we are studying Lao at the moment. But honestly I was to shy to try it.

I even had a second and third chance. Seeing that the girl has been successful, some young monks came to me with the same survey and I answered it a second time. I had to spell quite some answers, but he did very well. Especially if you learn the simpleness of Lao language, you understand how difficult English and German can be. But again, I missed my chance to try my Lao language skills. Sometimes you just don’t want to start the conversation in Lao, being aware of an answer that you couldn’t understand.

The guy who made the third try, with the same survey again, made that impression to me as well. He was very quiet and a bit shy too, like we were. This time, Matthias answered the questions while I tried to make some sentences to be prepared. Finally, I was able to wish him ‘good luck’ (ໂຊກ ດີ ເດີ້, spoken: ‘Sook dii deeu’). Not an impressive sentence, I know.


  1. memom

    ໂຊກ ດີ ເດີ້ 😃 for you, Maxi and Matthias to. And thanks for this little story. I❤ it and I think it was a start and you will talk more and more after a time 😊

    • Maxi

      ຂອບ ໃຈ ຫລາຍໆ!

  2. memom

    A lot off letters for saying” Thanks” 😉 maybe it is more important as in our culture, so they take more time for this word 😊

    • Maxi

      Usually, you would only need the first two words to say “Thank you”, the last word is used only to add “a lot” or “very much”.

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