Date: November 6, 2016

Vang Vieng & Vientiane – part 1 of our trip

The first part of our trip that we told you about included Vang Vieng and Vientiane. Both are quite interesting cities and we want to tell you a bit about our experiences there.

Vang Vieng – a tourist city in amazing landscape

Vang Vieng, a small city, is located in the middle of the northern part of Laos, about half the way from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. This makes it easy to include in our trip and it’s worth it! The city is embedded in a wonderful landcape with unique hills and mountains around it. For us, it felt like it has been cut out of a picture book. We decided to get to see more of the nature around Vang Vieng by cycling west of Nam Song river. The paths are not all street-like, but it’s quite flat and you’ll get rewarded for your effort.

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We took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Member first lines of this Journey Song (“Don’t stop believing”)?

“Just two german boys, living in a new world…” yada yada yada. But we weren’t about looking for love or whatever the point of this song is anyway. There was just a bag positioned in Bangkok and a lot to see on this side of the planet, we decided to settle on for a while.

The dining car of the night train

The dining car of the night train

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